The impact glasses have on personal style can be enormous. Afterall, eyewear is an accessory some Triangle women wear daily. Besides the little matter of actually helping you see, glasses should fit, flatter and, with any luck, look hip.


The options can be endless, both online and in stores. How do you pick a frame that suits your face?


Consider geometry and the principles of yin and yang. If you have a round face, cut the curve with a square frame. If your face is heart-shaped, slip on some avaitors or another rimless style. If you have an oval face, anything works except rectangular models.


Be sure to allow yourself enough time to shop. Experiment! Something totally different from what you had in mind may turn out to be the best option.



Is Your Bra All Washed Up?

Attention women from North Raleigh to South Durham: A bra can last six months to a year. That is it.


Here are four hints that your bra is done for:

  • Pilling fabric – Unsightly little balls are damaged fibers, which means the stretch is shot.
  • Twisted, bent or jutting underwires – The support is gone.
  • Falling straps – Straps that once fit nicely can lose their elasticity.
  • A slack band – If you close the bra by using the tightest set of hooks and the band still rides up, it has stretched too much.



Summer Trends

Still haven't refreshed your closet with the latest summer looks? Here's advice from Carolina Woman editors: Buy one or two pieces from this season's trends, preferably on sale, and blend them with your current wardrobe. Examples: Pair a new shirt in a saturated tropical color with your old black slacks; find a dress with extravagant sleeves on the clearance rack and slip on a pair of neutral sandals; or buy a flowerchild headband and match it with your go-to shorts.