Fall is coming in with more of a bang than a whimper.

Silhouettes are bigger, colors are more dramatic and fabrics are substantial.

Generous shapes, formidable coats, bold reds, brash metallics, powerful plaids, major knits and layers upon layers of leggings, dresses, sweaters and more make quite a loud statement.

The following trends from designers can help you live just a little bit larger this season.


As attention-getting as a stop sign — only way more chic — is the season’s return to red.

Sexy and simple as lipstick, a Donna Karan gown V’s down to there in front and balloons about the hips.

Subtle herringbone shading and sheer fabric heighten the drama of Calvin Klein’s cardinal-colored dress.

For maximum impact, Diane von Furstenberg’s graphic brown-and-black poncho sports a vermillion trim.

A cross-body bag here, a crocheted skirt there: Virtually the only color popping up amidst the somber-neutral shades of Marc Jacobs’ fall line is a crisp, apple-skin crimson.



Forget the hourglass. Cocoons and bubbles are the shapes of things to come.

In spite of the ruffles and bows, there’s nothing diminutive about Diane von Furstenberg’s white, babydoll dress. Its filmy fabric falls from the neckline, never even hinting at curves beneath.

A camel-colored, long-sleeved sheath by Donna Karan is more form-fitting, but twists and puckers in the fabric create a ballooning affect in all the right places.

At Calvin Klein, the little black dress isn’t so little. Airy and sheer, the V-neck gown bubbles at the hips and gathers about the ankles.

Bulked up in layers, giant sweaters and pouffed knickers, the Marc Jacobs look is decidedly big.



Like magpies, designers are still drawn to anything that sparkles and shines.

Burberry, master of the traditional trench, has rendered its signature piece in a shining, gold, quilted fabric.

Versace’s high-neck dress hugs every curve and shines like platinum.

At Donna Karan, the conservative trench coat goes flashy in burnished gold.

Michael Kors’ fluttery evening gown ripples like liquid bronze.






Scottish Tartans, the flannel you borrowed from your boyfriend back in 1996: Checks of all stripes are represented this season.

There’s no precious gingham bedecking the dresses at Diane Von Furstenberg. A classic shirtwaist boasts a big, incongruous black-and-red lumberjack print.

At Oscar de la Renta, a black-and-white sheath is trimmed in leopard-print fur and paired with textured tights and the season’s ubiquitous booties.

With a nod to Grunge and the love of all things flannel, Marc Jacobs’ oversized top ties on the side and trails into fringe.

A black-and-white plaid minidress at Michael Kors puts a sophisticated twist on schoolgirl-chic, with pocket detailing and over-the-knee socks.

Youthful touches, such as a thick belt, cute front pockets and a double row of buttons keep Burberry’s brown-plaid dress from seeming matronly.



What better way to shield yourself from the world than with protective coating?

An overblown houndstooth print and big, sharp shoulders lend some edge to what otherwise would be a prim, cropped jacket at Diane von Furstenberg.

Versace’s inky-hued, bell-shaped coat looks militaristic paired with leggings.

Oversize lapels and dramatic black trim add attitude and movement to Donna Karan’s waist-length jacket.

At Michael Kors, a conservative camel-and-black plaid coat swings open to reveal a classic black turtleneck and the teeny-tiniest of skirts.



Like urban armor, layers sheath every inch of bare skin this season.

The more the merrier is the theme of Marc Jacobs’ fall line. Models pile on shirts, sweaters, skirts, pants, tights, leg warmers, socks, gloves and big knit caps…all at the same time.

At Prada, a silky, silver blouse tucks under a menswear-inspired gray sweater.

Versace — usually known for skin-bearing ensembles — covers up by pairing dark leggings and opaque tights with everything from slinky dresses to glossy boots and patent-leather coats.

Shades of blue overlap at Burberry. Accessories, such as a knit cap, navy scarf and plum gloves are bundled over a thin, cornflower-hued sweater. And a crinkly A-line skirt goes over thick tights.



Perhaps an extension of last season’s arts-and-crafts theme, fall is all wrapped up in knits.

A massive, cream-colored sweater with a matching scarf contrasts with thick, black leggings and a camel coat at Michael Kors.

The chunkiest of taupe, cable-knit sweaters tops a pair of slim, shimmering trousers at Oscar de la Renta.

A vibrant-purple turtleneck sweater gives a pop of grape-candy color to Versace’s dark fall line.

At Marc Jacobs, one sweater is never enough: A ruffled cape covers a crewneck, which tops a funnel-neck and so on.

Prada’s very-mini knit dress with a bra top turns the sweater from a winter staple into a sexy statement.