Winners of the annual Carolina Woman photo competition


A great photo is a window on the world shot from a fresh point of view. This year's champs take us to new places and show us things in a completely new way.




Grand Prize
Summer Sunset, PEI

Prize: 8 x 11 color portrait of your pet or person by Lynne Srba Pet & People Portraits





First Prize

Prize: Fizz Facial & Glo Minerals Makeover with Makeup Lesson from Cynthia Gregg, M.D.





Second Prize
Fishing at Dusk in Santa Margherita, Italy

Prize: $100 Value Gift Certificate to details, Chapel Hill





Third Prize
Welcome to This World

Prize: $55 Value Cut & Style at Jackie Moore Salon






Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):

Prize: Carolina Woman tote bag – Invaluable!


The Boat at the End of the Rainbow

Amy Burke



After the Rain

Roberta Rose



Do You Hear the Music

Jo Walsh



Staff Favorites (in no particular order):

Babbling Brook

Terry Tucker



Foggy Golden Gate

Eileen Carey



Pamlico Cloud

Beth Browne



Duke Garden Beauty

Vijay Sharon Govender