Crabcakes Like
a Day at the Beach

A few states north of here, in Maryland, folks are particular about crabcakes, allowing the shellfish to shine. They maximize the flavor of lump crab and minimize filler, whether breadcrumbs or chopped veggies. A small amount of panko breadcrumbs or crushed saltines add structure without heaviness, and mayonnaise and an egg bind everything together.


Best Way With Corn

Don't steam, roast or grill away the flavor in the fresh corn you just bought at a Triangle farmers' market. Retain the taste of summer by leaving the husk on while cooking. The added yumminess and moisture will produce delectable cobs.




Where's the Salt?

Have you gone out to dinner recently in Raleigh or Durham and wondered about the location of the salt and pepper? If they weren't on your tabletop, you were in an eatery where the chef feels the food comes from the kitchen properly seasoned. Can't shake the habit? Try your meal the way it's served, but ask for salt and pepper if needed.