Shutterbugs submitted more than 100 compelling entrees to the annual Carolina Woman Photo Contest. Their images show the magic that happens when technical prowess and creative vision merge in the click of a camera.


The prize-winners were published last month. More crowd-pleasers are below. Do your photos capture the imagination, too? Consider entering the next Carolina Woman Photo Contest in September 2024.

– Debra Simon





"Things Are Looking Up"
By Anne Anthony of Chapel Hill




"Timber Treasury"
By Jessica Franco of Kannapolis, N.C.




"Enjoy End of Summer"
By Sally Gouw of Durham




"After the Rain"
By Jill Grosman of Cary




"Dinner Hour"
By Tina Morrison of Cary




"Udder Beauty"
By Sami Pacitto of Denver, N.C.




"Banner Elk Falls"
By Mikel Sanfilippo




"Iguazu Falls in Brazil"
By Sudha Soora of Cary




"Bobkitten Frolicking in Snow"
By Joleen A. Stephan-Mease of Charlotte




"In Perfect Harmony"
By Marci Thornton of Cary




"Green Handprint""
By Lisa Van Fleet of Carrboro