Think Positive!
Positive thinking is powerful, Triangle psychologists say. Studies shows that a rosy view can enhance belief in one's abilities, decrease perceived stress and foster healthful behaviors. To get going, undertake one or more of these every day:

  • Recognize a positive event.
  • Savor that experience and tell someone about it.
  • Write in a gratitude journal.
  • List a personal strength and note how you used it.
  • Set an attainable goal and record your progress.
  • Report a relatively minor stress and list ways to reappraise the situation positively.
  • Recognize and perform small acts of kindness.
  • Practice mindfulness, focusing on the here and now rather than the past or future.


Stick to Your Financial Goals in 2019
Here's advice from personal financial planners in the Triangle:
1. Keep a close eye on where your money goes by tracking spending.
2. Eliminate impulse buys, such as afternoon cappuccinos.
3. Try shopping without credit cards and use cash for purchases.
4. Trim credit-card debt, particularly on high-interest credit cards.
5. Cut back on large, frivolous expenditures, such as designer handbags.
6. Funnel any extra money into an emergency fund.
7. Consider getting a line of credit.
8. Keep saving, even a little bit, for your long-term goals, such as college and retirement.


Breakup Month
People often mark the beginning of a new year by casting off less-than-ideal romantic partners. The time between the end of the December holidays and the Valentine's Day lovefest can be opportune for a fresh start. Some relationships that may have seemed healthy may crumble from high holiday expectations and the challenges that prolonged stays with a significant other's family and friends may bring. On the other hand, less-than-happy couples might be able to make it through the holidays because of the distractions they offer from underlying problems or to offer one last chance to celebrate holidays together. Whatever the reason, breaking up is hard to do. If you're the dumper, those of us at Carolina Woman who've been dumped ask that you be kind, honest and as nice as possible.