Rein in Pet Fees
Veternarian bills can add up. Here are five ways to keep the doctor fees for Fluffy or Fido on a leash:

  • Exercise and don't overfeed your animal.
  • Fight tartar and plaque by buying dry dog and cat food as well as checking teeth for fractures and gums for bleeding. Brush your hound's teeth.
  • Get a written prescription from the vet. Then shop around.
  • Ask for a discount if you bring in more than one furry friend.

Give yourself a head start by choosing a mutt. Purebred pets can have costly genetic diseases. A mixed breed is the hardiest variety.


Summer Fests
There's so much going on in the Triangle that there's something for everyone. Whether you want to create, learn, move, consume, browse, swim or listen to music, this is where it's happening. For an overall look, check out For specifics, go local with sites such as, and


Get a Move On
Summer is moving season in the Triangle. Before you pack that first box, consider these tips from experts in the field:

  • Overestimate the time you need to complete the move. It almost always takes longer than anticipated.
  • Use sturdy corrugated boxes, which are less likely to break.
  • Don't overpack. If you can't easily lift a carton, there's too much in it.
  • Designate one room in your new dwelling as the location all boxes will be placed.
  • Pack one smaller container that will be readily available after the move as a "first-night" kit. Fill it with water, toiletries, tools, a change of clothes and, perhaps most importantly, snacks!