The Shape of Spring
Bold, Confident, Optimistic

My cousin, the model, has paraded her pout down runways all over the world, including those at New York Fashion Week. She's 19 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall, a blonde with green eyes who wears size 2 or 4. Trust me, there's no mistaking us.

Why am I sharing this? To make a point: Unless you happen to be graced with my cousin's natural attributes, the couture displayed in the Big Apple's twice-yearly shows is just conceptual.

We mere mortals are inspired to take these high concepts and make them our own. We do this by artfully mixing new purchases from Triangle stores with pieces from our closets.

Beauty is the result when a local woman blends her individual sense of style with the smarts to know what looks great on her, what's easy to wear and what fits her real life.

Whether you're known for glitz, grace or glamour, the lush visual content of this year's spring collections is motivating.

The most wearable trends feature hues that pop, black-and-white patterns, mix-and-match contrasts, and shimmer and shine.

Really and truly in style are loose and slouchy garments, such as relaxed-fit pants, and the volume of pleats, folds and ruffles on both tops and bottoms.

The eclectic spin includes clothing that's rich with accents and embellish-ment, ethnic attitude, and even an asymmetrical aesthetic.

Whether we root for UNC, State or Duke, we're big fans of the playful vibe of leisure, including outfits featuring a sportswear kick.

Here's a glimpse of the most accessible spring fashions inside the tents of Bryant Park at New York Fashion Week.

See all spring fashion styles in the April Carolina Woman magazine.

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Photos courtesy Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week