Stay Warm, Look Hot

New twists on cold-weather classics take wardrobes from bulky to beautiful

By Allison Gray

It's easy to look smoldering in the summer.

Bare arms and legs, tanned faces and open-toed stilettos are fool-proof attention-getters.

But staying hot as the weather cools requires a bit of imagination. Luckily, new trends will flatter the figure, please the eye and keep you cozy through the winter.

Slinky sleeveless dresses transition to fall with the simple addition of elbow-covering gloves. Chunky coats and sweaters stay body-conscious with strategically placed belts. And layers, soft trim and un-fussy jackets make covering up a snap.

With styles this seamless, it's simple for every woman in the Triangle to look fashion savvy.

It's a Cinch!

It's not freezing in North Carolina quite yet, but it can't hurt to plan ahead.

In an effort to avoid a chill, it's easy to drown in a sea of thick knits and wool. Not exactly the way to show off your womanly figure.

One simple trick to stay warm and feminine: Secure a belt around your natural waist to show off your curves.

Gucci's crimson wool trench is nipped in with a patent-leather belt. Edgy, studded wrist cuffs offset the ladylike-feel of the coat and printed bag.

A skinny belt takes Versace's baggy sweaterdress from loose to luscious. A structured, metallic tote and no-nonsense boots balance out the ensemble.

Marc Jacobs pairs an oversized wool tunic with wide-leg trousers. A shiny, black strap buckles at the waist to counteract the volume.

Monique Lhuillier breaks up a dark, monochromatic look with a touch of sparkle. A glitzy, gold belt cinches in a military jacket for subtle sexiness.

If the Glove Fits.

Give your manicurist a break! This season, elegantly hide your hands underneath chic leather gloves.

And they're not just for extreme temperatures. Match an extra-high set with tights and bare shoulders, and skip the overcoat. Or, add a short pair to a sexy mini for a funky evening look.

Versace creates a fierce style with over-the-elbow, jet-black gloves and a cerulean tube dress. Opaque tights and a sophisticated beret pull it all together.

Carolina Herrera goes dominatrix with shiny black gloves and thick charcoal tights. Delicate cutouts in the midnight shift add a touch of femme fatale.

Marc Jacobs brings a pop of color to the trend with a cherry-red pair. A peep of skin between the gloves and the sleeves adds instant allure to a classic, conservative outfit.

Diane von Furstenberg puts an '80s spin on the fashion with Madonna-style, wrist-length mitts. Worn with a full, ruffled mini and ankle boots, it's a modern take on the Material Girl look.