By Katie Jenkins


We're quickly approaching the end of summer, and soon enough the leaves will change colors, the air will become crisp, and autumn will have reached the Triangle.


But what about that time between the finish of summer and the start of fall – the months when the heat has let up in the evenings, school is back, and vacations have come to an end?


If you've bought up-to-the-minute styles this season, you can still wear them! Here are five tips for fall-friendly modifications to your summer wardrobe.


Bold patterns

This summer, bold patterns have been huge on the runways and in the streets of the Triangle. Geometric graphics, animal prints and bright stripes are especially popular.


Mixing these patterns with neutral colors and subtle accessories is a great way to tone down the look for August or September.


Going out for the evening in downtown Raleigh? Try pairing a patterned dress with a black or khaki-colored blazer.
Searching for something more office-friendly? Wear a printed blouse tucked into a traditional pencil skirt for a fresh, but professional, look.


Neon accessories

Neon accessories add a pop of color to any outfit, and we've seen a lot of them this season. Neon may seem like a challenging style to pull off as the weather starts to cool down, but as long as you use it in moderation, it fits into any season!


The easiest way to make neon flow with your wardrobe is to keep everything else subtle. Small add-ons, such as clutches, jewelry and hair accessories in bright hues, look chic but not loud.


On your next date night in Cameron Village, glam up your favorite LBD with neon bracelets or earrings.


Flowing dresses

Long, flowing dresses and skirts have been a summer staple for a few years now. The perfect balance between coverage and breathable material, these frocks can transition into fall without missing a beat.


By switching out your flip-flops for riding boots or booties and adding autumn accessories, such as a light jacket and a chunky belt, you have the perfect ensemble for the next fall football game at your favorite North Carolina school.


Warm-weather leather

Though it's big on the runways and in the department stores this summer, warm-weather leather actually is much easier to wear for fall than for summer. Lucky for you, that means lots of leather garments will soon be on sale.


Leather may be a daunting trend, but worn in the right way, it can give your nighttime outfit an edge. Couple a blouse with leather or "vegan leather" piping with a simple pair of jeans.


Or if you want to be a little more daring, try coated denim. Garments made of this material look like leather but feel like jeans.


High-waisted shorts

High-waisted shorts have been a big trend for summer. They give you a flattering waistline, way better coverage than low-riders, and a sleek, sophisticated appearance.


Match your high-waisted shorts with a blazer or a long-sleeve blouse and booties for a polished nighttime ensemble. Hint: When it starts to cool down outside, wear tights under your shorts.