By Katie Jenkins


It's official: Emerald is out and radiant orchid is in. (But shhh, don't tell anyone that I still love the green hue.) Expect to see radiant orchid all over the Triangle in 2014.


What better time to try out the romantic purple shade than February?


Be the first of your friends to incorporate the color of the year into your wardrobe by taking these steps.



Step 1: Ease into orchid

It's still winter, but who says you can't be bright just because there's a slight chance of flurries?


Treat yourself to a manicure and select nail polish in your preferred variation of the popular purple. Wear it to your next girls' night so you can get some feedback and decide how you really feel about it.


Next, slip radiant orchid into your wardrobe by adding small pops of it to your outfits. Go for something like a pair of stud earrings or a pendant necklace. The accessories are a nod to the au courant tint, but won't overwhelm you.


Step 2: Increase your orchid intake

At this point, you've made your decision...you love radiant orchid!


Still, take it easy. Unlike the recently popular emerald or cobalt, too much of this year's No. 1 can be overbearing.


You want the hue to reflect your fun personality and sense of style without being the center of attention. Wear it in moderation so its vivid nature doesn't outshine you.


Try a pair of orchid suede pumps to liven up that traditional gray, navy or black suit. The lovely accent will be sure to brighten your ensemble, and your spirits, on wintery February weekdays.


For outside the office, match an orchid clutch to an otherwise toned-down outfit. Pair it with jeans, boots and a casual, slouchy sweater. The brilliant accessory will freshen up your look instantly.


Step 3: Let orchid carry you

Now, you are officially obsessed with radiant orchid. Lucky for you, as the seasons change, you'll undoubtedly see the color in every store window in the Triangle.


Orchid easily can carry you from the bleak skies of late winter to the sunny days of early spring. At the first hint of the next season, wear 2014's color to your liking.


Search for a spring-and-summer-friendly pencil skirt in the vibrant shade. The skirt can be fabulous whether matched with tights and booties or simple, nude sandals.


For date night, what could be prettier than a luxurious, orchid-hued silk blouse? Find one with ruffles that'll add spice under a blazer with jeans. Bonus: The ruffles also will look feminine when tucked into neutral, high-waisted shorts on warmer evenings.