By Janine Eduljee


So many amazing stores and so little time! It can seem impossible to select purchases to add to your closet.


What's a Triangle woman to do? We've compiled the most wearable trends from this year's Fall Fashion Week in one place, so you can decide which cutting-edge pieces are best for you.



Mismatched prints

Fair warning, this is not for the faint of heart! One arrangement we noticed early in the show was the eclectic mixing of two clearly clashing patterns. This design might seem too bold for some, but it could be just the thing to try out in a more boho town like Chapel Hill or Carrboro.


Even a simple combination, such as plaid and houndstooth or stripes and animal prints, could make a real statement when you enter your favorite hipster haunt in Durham. However, it's better to err on the minimalist side with this one because it can easily go from eye-catching to eyesore.




High waists

We're thrilled this style is gaining momentum. High-waisted pants and skirts flatter everyone, regardless of body type. Whether you're tall or short, skinny or curvy, this fashionable cut naturally accentuates your lines for an elegant, minimalist look.


The popular waistline has crawled slowly up from the hip-hugging days of the early 2000s and now sits comfortably above the navel, helping you look simply stunning as you saunter down Fayetteville Street.




Long dresses

In anticipation of the cooling temperatures around the Triangle, we suggest stocking up on this urban-chic design, which requires low maintenance and yet still appears flawless in any situation. Two forms are popular: a fitted skirt or a slit.


Bonus: A long dress can add inches to your height. Pair it with heels, and you're even taller!




Mini skirts

Women are, once again, showing their legs and their spirit in the cheeky garments. This time around, there's a sophisticated take on the mini. It's often turned out in neutrals, large patterns or blocks of color.


Skirts that end well above the knee are super for our Carolina climate, which has a tendency to fluctuate drastically in temperature, even in the winter. Pull on a pair of patterned or monochromatic tights under the skirt when the weather is cold.




Natural/floral prints

One of our favorite patterns making a splash this year is the use of nature and floral imagery in the material. Visions of gorgeous plants and airy clouds can take an otherwise drab dress and make it stunning.


Reminiscent of the foliage that covers our great state, this newest wrinkle is a fabulous way to show off your eco-friendly side.





The Glam Effect

Jewelry may well be the straw that will ultimately make or break your outfit. In the accessories department, the latest dish is that more is better.


Chunky, embellished and sparkly jewelry is completely vogue.


Whether on dangling earrings or cocky necklaces, the glittering embellishments and vivacious colors can brighten a standard ensemble.









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