By Janine Eduljee


Fashion Week debuted some amazing new and vintage styles to set the tone for this fall's scene. Whether you're dashing to your job in Research Triangle Park or heading for a girl's night out in downtown Raleigh, these are the clothes you'll love.


Last month, we began a guide to the top designs at the world's most prominent fashion shows. In this issue, we're continuing to reveal snazzy and accessible trends. Keep an eye out for them in the Triangle!



Gray is the new black

Gray– yes, gray - is popping up in most designer's arsenals. The color might seem a bit dull for everyday wear, but it's surprisingly versatile.


Worn correctly, this shade can make you appear polished and city chic. It's perfect for any haute attire. And the cool tones will also keep you comfortable on sunnier days in the Triangle.


In line with gray, the fashion world is embracing the monochromatic approach in neutral and light hues (pinks, blues, whites and the occasional spurt of that reddish-brown marsala, the Pantone color of the year).




Gender neutral

For all those working 9 to 5, a throwback to the masculine cuts of the 1980s is in the mix. Search the racks for straight lines, shapeless jackets and broad shoulders when you pick your office wardrobe.


From winter jackets to boyfriend jeans, you can find these boyish modes in just about every article of casual clothing, too.




One-piece wonder

As temperatures slowly start to descend and skirts transition to pants, the stylish jumpsuit is a closet must-have. While its cousin, the romper, is suitable for summer only, a jumpsuit can be worn year-round.


This garment is gorgeous on tall women, but it's also pretty cute in petite sizes.


Pair it with a sleek black blazer and dashing pumps and you have a dressed-to-kill outfit.




Plaid and simple

To be fair, there have been very few times in the past decade when plaid hasn't been in fashion. Yet this year, it's even more prominent.


The pattern was previously popular for scarfs, but has now spread to peacoats, pants and skirts. Naturally, your entire ensemble shouldn't be plaid. But when used tastefully and in moderation, it can add a smattering of pattern to a simple outfit.




Smiling skirts

The flouncy skirt is making waves in stores. This version stays narrow down the leg but then quickly flips up at the bottom. It's almost as if your frock has a brim or fringe, giving it a very flirty and feminine feel.


Hey, people thought miniskirts would never catch on, either! Try this creation on for size and it won't be long before all your friends will want to know where you got that adorable skirt.





As if we didn't already admire her for being a lawyer, an activist and the spouse of an Oscar-winning actor, we can now applaud Amal Clooney for being a fashion trendsetter.


After she was seen wearing white, elbow-length gloves at the Golden Globe Awards, the accessory quickly appeared in top designers' lines. Then, flashbulbs were popping when Sharon Stone rocked a long, emerald green pair with a flowy white dress at an event in Italy.


Whether long or short, a pair of gloves can turn an ordinary evening dress into a ball gown, converting you from working mom to Disney princess.