By Debra Simon


Whether on New York catwalks or Raleigh sidewalks, spring fashion trends are changing the dressing game with ultra-relaxed looks: unmatched ensembles, grunge prints, slouchy blouses, whimsical touches. In last month's issue, we touched on striped and shiny garments; designer denim; rich period looks; retro silhouettes; and pajamas as daywear.


Carolina Woman's editors are swooning over these runway turns, too:




Spanish Story

Flamenco, tango, salsa – it's all dreamy, glamorous and nostalgic. Old world touches, such as ruffled details, off-the-shoulder tops and fiery red, highlight a Latin flair.







Sporting Vibe

Can it really be prime time for tracksuits? Yes! And there's more. Cropped, voluminous and graphic styles lend an athletic, even military, feel to garments from pants to dresses to...get ready for it...hot pants.







Romance Aplenty

Designers engage in a riot of embellishments, including bows, embroidery, layers, feathers, straps, ribbons and strings, to create fetching frocks. The mood extends to creamy chiffons, see-through sections, sheer dresses and x-shaped halter necklines.








Wedding Day & Night

Looking like both wedding gowns and bridal trousseaus, slip dresses and strappy numbers have spread into the everyday wardrobe.