By Whitney Harris





Striking Stripes

Whether they're Wall Street-esque in the form of a pantsuit or wide-set like your favorite beach umbrella, stripes are of the moment. Want to lengthen your torso? Here's a neat trick: Use vertical stripes to provide an illusion of height.


To rock a casual vibe, mix and match stripes of the same direction in vibrant, but coordinating, colors for an afternoon on the town.


For a day at the office, stick to neutral tones in similar patterns and add simple earrings to complete a professional look.



Missing Pieces

Whether your top has a cutout or is completely off the shoulder, this trend is the perfect way to tastefully show a little bit of skin without sacrificing comfort.


Pair a one-shouldered dress with sneakers for an edgier style, or throw on a pair of strappy heels and statement earrings for a dinner date.


Wondering if you can sport one of these garments on the job? It's up to the norms of your profession, of course, but you may want to save it for non-work attire.



The Shirtdress

With varying waistlines and hemlines, the shirtdress is the ideal statement piece (especially in white). Cut like a T-shirt, without much shaping detail, shirtdresses are typically made from lightweight material. This makes them super for spring's variable weather: fabulous for layering on cooler days but breathable alone on warmer afternoons.


For a fierce approach, layer a mid-thigh dress over a neutral pair of dress pants and add ankle boots in an interesting color or texture. Try velvet boots with a small heel for the ultimate sass.


For work, opt for a longer length and loafers to create a classic outfit. Finish off with simple jewelry to emphasize your minimalist style.




A lightweight, neutral-toned garment with an oversized buckle signifies the perfect trench coat. This trend aims for a slouchy-chic look and executes it flawlessly.


For a relaxed attitude, buy yours a size or two larger than normal and toss it over a yellow dress and vibrant sandals.


For a professional look, layer the trench over a sleek pair of slacks and a white button-up blouse. Slip on a pair of heels if you're feeling sophisticated, or put on bold flats to add a splash to your outfit.




Yellow is everywhere! From golden to lemon to mustard, no shade is off limits. But fashion-forward women in the Triangle are leaning toward the crisp and sunny hues.


For an effortlessly cool ensemble, pair a deep tone with a graphic T-shirt and sneakers. For a feistier take, use a darker, burnt shade as an accent color in tights and shoes.


Wear a fitted, vibrant sweater over a pleated skirt or under a blazer for work.




Mixing and matching textures is the on-point way to keep your wardrobe current. This season it's all about playing with lightweight velvets and lace.


For a fun night with friends, layer a sequined top under a fitted blazer, especially if it's patterned.


For an executive spin, tuck a longer-sleeved velvet top into linen, high-waist dress pants and add an uncomplicated belt to tie it all together.








Photos courtesy Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week