This Summer's Hottest Swimsuits

(You know you want one)


By Leah Asmelash



Sunny days are here again! There's pollen in the air and vacations on the mind. The return of hot rays means trips to North Carolina's beaches, lakes and pools.


But things have changed since last summer. Your swimsuit from past seasons isn't doing it for you anymore, so you have no choice, really. You have to buy a new one.


How do you avoid appearing out-of-date while chilling on the coast? That's where I come in. Consider me your personal swimsuit stylist, guru to what's trending.


The Color "Nude"

By that I don't mean going to the beach naked (unless that's your thing). The color "nude," a light beige, is making quite a splash from bikinis to one-pieces to high-cuts. The shape of the suit doesn't matter as long as it's in this pale hue.


Since the cut can be whatever you like, the color is easy for all body types to enjoy. Want to emphasize your chest? Try a halter
bikini. Your legs? Opt for a high-cut one-piece. The options are limitless and endlessly adaptable to fit whatever makes you and your beautiful body feel comfortable.


Sheer/Mesh Cutouts

Visualize a bikini. Now imagine sheer or mesh fabric connecting the two pieces together. That, my friend, is one of this season's hottest looks: Sheer and mesh fabric anywhere and everywhere, sneakily showing off bits of skin that would otherwise be covered.


These suits would be especially cute out of the water, maybe while walking down the boardwalk or cruising on a boat. Most aren't revealing enough to make you feel like you're showing too much, but they're definitely sexy.


Like the nude trend, the naughty one can be found on just about any style of swimsuit.



Want to show off your legs? This is the choice for you. A high-cut suit is a one-piece in which the legs are cut to usually just above your hip bone. As a result, it elongates your legs until they seem to be a mile long. The suit usually has a deep neck, as well, flaunting your cleavage.


This bathing suit is not for the faint of heart. It packs a punch, so you have to feel comfortable in your own skin to pull it off. Can you see yourself confidently strolling across the sand, floppy hat on your head, sunglasses protecting your beautiful eyes? Then go for it. You'll be the baddest woman!



You're lounging on the beach or at the pool in your awesome swimsuit. You look good, really good. Then a growl erupts from your stomach – it's time to go for lunch. Instead of just pulling on a pair of jean cutoffs like you did last year, reach for one of this season's cover-ups.


Designers have blessed us with beautiful, modern toss-ons in a variety of designs. Linen boyfriend shirts are popular as are bohemian skirts and woven tops. Your pulled-together vibe will make you the best-dressed woman at the pool!


It's getting warmer. Your coworkers are talking about trips to the lake or ocean, and pools are finally opening. If you're going to impress this season, you'll need a new suit. When you break it out during your next getaway, you'll feel bold and look breathtaking. And with the versatility of these trends, you'll have no reason not to!