The Best in Boots
Designers always go big for boots in the fall, but this year they've gone wild, throwing just about everything at our feet. Spend an afternoon shopping for shoes in the Triangle, and you're bound to see a wide array of on-trend boot offerings.


Among the signatures are the sock boot, the ankle boot, the past-knee-high boot, the combat boot, the stiletto boot, the cowboy boot and the slouch boot.


These wearable scene-stealers are turned out in all kinds of colors (glossy red, winter white); materials (pumpkin velvet, blue leather); embellishments (crystal studs, folkloric embroidery); and heels (wedge; architectural). OK, maybe you can't say about all of them, "These boots are made for walking," but they sure are fun!



Hats Head Into New Territory
Hat lovers of the Triangle rejoice! The fashion world is buzzing about headwear this season.


Whether shiny beret, glam baseball cap, jaunty fedora or retro topper, it's the statement piece of many outfits. And those statements are very eclectic. Headgear can be wide-brimmed or floppy, leather or felt, relaxed or formal, and feature pompoms or feathers, and it's seriously in vogue.


No need to covet from afar; try various styles. Flamboyance is encouraged. Dabble in splashy colors that are being shown for fall, such as orange and purple. With the headdress topping the list of accessory must-haves, let yourself go mad hatter.



A Mixed Bag
Carolina Woman editors worked hard to get a big-picture take on fall's handbags, but each theme comes with its own kind of glamour. Most had one thing in common: They were overwhelmingly ladylike. It's up to you to choose your faves from this grab bag of trends:

  • Oversized – Even dainty clutches and wristlet bags can be found in swollen sizes.
  • Textural – Examples include crocodile and fur (all faux for us, please).
  • Structured – Sharp edges and innovative shapes are all the rage.
  • Vintage – Think leather handbags à la Queen Elizabeth.
  • Soft – This works especially well in large carryalls.
  • Embellished – Minimalism is out and overload is in.
  • Prints – For those who want to go beyond neutral, there are many options (including graphic).
  • Focused – Attention is being paid to areas that are typically afterthoughts: straps and handles.