By Debra Simon


Say goodbye to see-through, skimpy, and slice and dice; say hello to self-assured, polished and authoritative. Designers are offering serious attire that's got you covered from a.m. commutes to p.m. dates. The commanding attitude displayed on Big Apple catwalks is perfectly suited to women heading for their RTP offices in the morning, downtown Raleigh in the evening and the Streets at Southpoint on the weekend.


In the last issue, we covered trends including Inspired by the Man, Get Your Bloom On, Eye-popping Colors and Mad About Plaid. Here's a glance at more of the fierce looks that are demanding "take me home" from Triangle department stores and boutiques.


Glitter Girls

Sparkle and shine, often in sterling silver or gorgeous gold, get us to see heavy metal in a new light. The iridescence appears particularly modern in blazers, dresses and tops in vivid hues, such as green and purple.






More looks to love.



Photos courtesy Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week