Shaping Up to Be a Good Year

Whether you watched the giant acorn drop at First Night Raleigh, rang in the year at a posh party in Cary or simply enjoyed a quiet evening in your Hillsborough home, chances are you made a resolution or two. For many Triangle women, at least one of these had to do with perfecting their personal look.


Here are some of the most common body shapes and tips on how to play them up.



If your hip line and bust line are even and you have a well-defined waist (think Marilyn Monroe), then you're likely an hourglass shape.


Make sure to keep your waist the focus of your look. You can easily do this by wearing a belt around the thinnest part of your midsection.


Flare-legged and bootcut jeans are great for this shape, while skinny jeans tend to enhance your curves even further (so try balancing these with a looser-fitting shirt).


Pear (aka "A")

A smaller bust line than hip line, paired with fuller thighs, is indicative of this shape.


Since your shoulders are probably narrow, make your upper body look broader by choosing shirts with scoop neck or boatneck styles.


Draw attention to this area with trendy details, such as sequined shoulders or puffed sleeves.


Steer clear of tight skirts or pants. Instead, go for an A-line skirt or bootcut jeans and trousers.



Do you have a full bust line and is your upper body wider than your lower body? If so, then you're most likely an apple shape.


Draw attention away from problem areas, such as your tummy. Tunics and shirts with an empire waist are perfect, and wide-legged pants even out the balance of your body. Also, look for skirts with a higher waistline.



Like hourglass women, rectangle ladies have bust lines and hip lines that are even; however, they lack a well-defined waist.


To create the illusion of curves, wear tops with details such as ruffles to draw attention, or try a tailored blazer with shoulder pads to add some definition.


Pleated and A-line skirts give your bottom half more fullness, while wide- and flare-legged jeans give you voluptuousness.


Accessorize Like a Pro

Want to create a put-together feel for your outfit whether you're going to work in Durham or to party in Pittsboro? Add accessories! Toss on a glittering earring and bracelet combo or a chic belt.


To take your look from drab to fab, pick a bright color to work into your ensemble. Whether it's canary yellow, electric blue or righteous red, pops of pigment always add pizazz.


Spice up a basic jeans and T-shirt ensemble by donning a pair of heels and layering on long necklaces to make your body seem like it goes on for miles.