Run-a-way Chic

Spring shows featured models styled with statement socks and Cinderella shoes. Even floaty frocks were matched with classic knee-highs and shiny Mary Janes. Fishnet anklets were on the catwalks, too. Tomboy accessories, such as black socks in sporty designs and vibrant socks paired with oxfords, also made the scene. And, egads!, socks (often open-toed) were worn with sandals.



The Sun Belt

If you've always wanted an hourglass figure, this season's for you! Thick belts that put the accent on the waist meshed timelessness with sass. Decorative cinchers, some with sculptural buckles and other embellishments, were wrapped around loose dresses and shirts. Thin and sleek waist-wrappers (sometimes double-belted) as well as chain belts had a nice ring for spring.



Bag of Tricks

Do you carry a tote bag and a handbag at the same time? Consider yourself a fashionista! Many designers sent out runway models with two bags at once. Standout totes were extra-large and purses were often made of wicker, straw or rattan. In other bag news: The fanny pack (even a small leather one dangling from a belt) returned!