Trend File: Jewelry

When you're wearing that quiet outfit from the back of your closet and feeling a bit drab, make the look shine with this season's newest jewelry. Fresh adornment from Crabtree to Cary Towne Center includes:

  • Extra-long earrings that cascade to the shoulder
  • Transparent and crystal materials
  • Pieces that celebrate the animal kingdom
  • Brooches
  • Pearls
  • Thin, layered necklaces adorned with pendants
  • A different-looking earring in each ear
  • Sculptural jewelry with an '80s vibe
  • Ornate earrings with an antique feel
  • Thick gold rings
  • Ankle bracelets


Up Your Sleeve

If you're a Triangle gal who isn't happy with her arms, what do you wear in this blistering weather?

The No. 1 answer, no matter how you feel about your body, is short- and no-sleeve tops. After all, we're all shaped differently, and we need to celebrate that diversity.

But when you really can't deal, try these 10 strategies:

  • Sport light, cool and airy fabrics.
  • Choose three-quarter lengths.
  • Wear loose shapes with flared sleeves.
  • Roll up the sleeves of a long-sleeve shirt.
  • Pair a sleeved cover-up with a tank.
  • Employ a sheer tunic with a short-sleeve top.
  • Consider lace sleeves.
  • Try an off-the-shoulder top with sleeves.
  • Use netted or otherwise perforated sleeves.
  • Avoid cap sleeves.



Statement Sunglasses

Shopping for shades to take to Carolina Beach or Jordan Lake? Check out the au courant sporty styles. There are Matrix-inspired angular glasses, colorful aviators, cat-eye looks, sci-fi plastics and barely-there frames as well as tortoise shell and other retro finds.