By Debra Simon


As Carolina Women editors watched models saunter down catwalks at Fall Fashion Week, it seemed like 1980 all over again: big shoulders, graphic prints, black leather, animal effects, colorblock, ruffles, pleats.


But it's 2018, and the collections didn't just mine the past but also looked into the future with innovative trends such as earthy maxi-dresses, boyfriend blazers, contrasting florals and shiny metallics.


The takeaway: This season, there's something for everyone. Browse through some hot looks for fall to see what's just right for you.





Patchwork, quilting and crochet are handcrafted reminders of the American heartland. Floor-sweeping dresses, novelty knits, western details and bows tied at the neck all fit nicely in this "Little House on the Prairie" category.




Power shoulders and rocker-chic leather (even in dresses, suits and unusual palettes) are glam again. Throwback themes inspired by the 1980s also include two-toned colorblock, graphic prints with an art vibe, neon and iridescent foil fabrics.



From delicate flowers to vivid bouquets, the garden is front and center, especially in dramatic, hand-painted and appliqued varieties. Fall fashion contains a bumper crop of mix-and-match floral patterns.



Neutrals? Fuggedaboutit. Apparel comes in a rainbow of shades, including vibrant red, neon pastel, cheerful yellow and cheeky magenta. Rust, of all things, is having its moment. Fresh combinations, such as red and pink, are making the scene.



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Photos courtesy Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week