Big Jewelry News

Do you like to let your jewelry do the talking? Feel free to speak in volumes! The looks that Carolina Woman editors saw on fall runways often featured bulky baubles, such as chunky chains; statement earrings; large, nature-inspired pieces; bold bracelets; notable chokers; and oversized pearls, jade and colored gemstones.












Hair Accessories Make the Cut

Attention Triangle women: Dig up that leather headwrap from the depths of your closet. Hair accessories are back! Retro options include soft or zigzag headbands, tortoiseshell hairclips, leather scrunchies, hair slides, metal or wood barrettes, grip clips, lacquered hair ties, turbans, bow clips, hair pins and mini claw clips.



Hold Everything!

From tiny purses worn around the neck to jumbo carryalls, a wide variety of pocketbooks are calling out to us from Triangle shops. We're attracted by on-trend styles including:

  • Bold colors, such as hunter green and cobalt blue
  • Loud-and-proud designer logos
  • Rounded edges
  • Oversized, unstructured hobos
  • Clutches fronted by bows
  • Vertical bucket bags
  • Spacious backpacks
  • Throwback (lunch) boxes
  • Snakeskin patterns
  • Circular handbags (very '60s)