The Skinny

If you'd like to appear longer and leaner, here are recommendations from Triangle fashion experts:
• To add height to your outfit, put on elevated shoes – whether kitten heels or slingbacks – that'll instantly add inches.
• To handle upper arm concerns, go for shirts with billowy or three-quarter-length sleeves.
• To put less focus on hips, sport a tailored pencil skirt or toss on straight-leg jeans.
• To look smaller around the middle, avoid pants or shorts with pleats and employ a wide belt to cinch your waist.




Fresh Takes

Follow these three steps and you'll never again stare at your closet and moan, "I have nothing to wear!"


1. Layer
Combine a pretty cardigan with a silky tank, throw a fitted vest over an oxford shirt, or wear tights and knee-high boots with a shorter skirt.


2. Mix and Match
Try pairing florals with polka dots or stripes with animal prints; don different fabrics, such as chiffon and leather, in the same ensemble.


3. Get Creative
Find at least three outfit combinations for each piece of clothing in your wardrobe.



The Power of Accessories

Propel your style from drab to fab with statement accessories. Jazz up an LBD with a glittering scarf or an oversized necklace for a corporate gathering in RTP. Spice up a basic jeans and T-shirt ensemble with heels and long necklaces for a weekend in downtown Durham. Pick a bright color, like canary yellow or electric blue, to add pizazz to everything in the evening.




Dressing Well Boosts Confidence

Research confirms what most Triangle women already know: An outfit can alter the self-esteem with which you interact with the world.


In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, some people put on white coats that they believed belonged to doctors. These participants did better on tests than subjects who wore street clothes.


"Enclothed cognition" means that if your brain links upscale pumps with powerful, intelligent women, you're likely to act that way when you slip on those Manolo Blahniks.