Hat Trick

Headwear is making a surprising comeback in the Triangle. Count the chapeau: Beret, baseball cap, bowler, cloche, straw, sun, newsboy, Panama, fisherman, military, brimmed, visored, feathered. Often seen are Ugly Betty styles that were formerly unpopular but are currently cool. Example: The bucket hat, an every-woman topper most often turned out in a light color and a soft fabric.








Sizzlin' Shoes

Wondering how to declare a fashion statement at that party in downtown Raleigh or Durham? Look all the way down to your feet. Wrapped ankles, particularly in thongs, espadrilles and gladiator-style sandals, make the A-list.









Ginormous pocketbooks are cruising streets from Cary to Carrboro. The jumbo trend works whether worn sling style or crossbody. These extra-large accessories are showing up in everything from vintage floral to monochromatic neon (orange pop, anyone?) and in material from wicker to leather.