Seeing Red

Santa Claus isn't the only one modeling red for the holiday season. Women all over the Triangle are joining Club Crimson. Some sport the merry color in a nod toward tradition. Others throw on the high-voltage shade to paint the town red.


The timing is right: Holiday party season is in full swing, and there's not a more festive hue. Whether you call it carmine, scarlet, rose or burgundy, red is seasonally appropriate and telegraphs self-confidence.


How to keep the look from venturing into Ugly Christmas Sweater territory? Don't go head-to-toe tomato. Be the lady in red with one piece, whether a dress, a pair of shoes or a belt.



Sleek and Shiny

Want lustrous hair like all the cool girls in downtown Raleigh and Durham? Just make these moves:

  • Color correctly – Dark shades tend to gleam more than blond ones. If you do want to go lighter, select a shade with warm golden tones.
  • Cut regularly – Trims remove dead, split ends that make your tresses look dull. Schedule an appointment every six weeks.
  • Beware appliances – Flatirons, hair blowers and other gadgets can dry out your locks. Keep them on low settings or consider alternatives.
  • Eat right – Healthy insides make for healthy outsides. Are you doing everything you can to help your hair?
  • Add shine – Sprays and serums, such as those with argan oil, provide instant gloss. Just be sure not to weigh down your mane.



Layer Like a Pro

Get more out of your fave duds by layering. The practice requires a balance of color, fabric, weight and size. Concentrate on a contrast of textures, such as a knit cardigan over a floaty dress. Pull together your look with a belt.

You may want to consider your figure. If you're bigger on top, avoid too many layers, such as a blend of blouse, sweater and blazer, which could become bulky. Instead, look for styles that lengthen your body, such as a body-skimming, long blouse and tank top paired with straight-leg pants.